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Campaign Finance in Delaware

Summary of State Compaign Finance Disclosure Requirements

Significant 2008 findings:
  • 50 states require campaign contributions to be disclosed;
  • 31 states require a contributor's occupation and employer to be disclosed;
  • 4 states require a contributor's occupation, but not employer, to be disclosed;
  • 1 state (Rhode Island) requires a contributor's employer, but not occupation, to be disclosed;
  • 14 states do not require disclosure of either occupation or employer;
  • 49 states require campaign expenditures to be disclosed (North Dakota does not);
  • 24 states require expenditures made by subvendors, such as credit card companies to be reported;
  • 44 states require independent expenditures to be reported;
  • 27 states require timely reporting of last-minute independent expenditures;
  • 36 states require timely reporting of last-minute contributions;
  • 33 states require either reviews of disclosure reports or field audits of campaign records; and
  • 9 states require both reviews and field audits of campaign records.

Source: The Campaign Disclosure Project.

The State of Disclosure in Delaware

The Campaign Disclosure Project, in 2008, reported that "Delaware has failed in each of the last three assessments and is one of just two states to earn a lower grade in 2008 than in 2003, when the state earned a D-. A weaker usability test performance dropped Delaware from a D- in 2007 to an F in 2008 in the Online Contextual and Technical Usability category."

For details, go here. Note: This database is current only through December 31, 2006.