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This Way to the Voting Booth

The League has issued an updated brochure, This Way to the Voting Booth. It can be printed out in color or black and white and gives you just about everything you need to know about registering and voting in Delaware. Find it here.

League Day in Dover Big Success!

The outstanding program featured Elections Commissioner Elaine Manlove on voting bills and the new voting machines that will be used for school board elections in May; Drew Wilson, Delaware's representative from the national organization promoting the National Public Vote Interstate Compact; John Sykes on how the state's current Regional Portfolio Standards need to be updated to impprove our ability to achieve inroads into climate change; and Representative Valerie Longhurst on the need and considerations going into her plans for a bill to address water infrastructure needs throughout the state.

Special arrangements were made for several meetings with legislators in the afternoon at Legislative Hall and a large number of League members met with them.

In addition, attendees were invited to the signing ceremony for the National Public Vote Interstate Compact where Julie Price, LWVDE's advocate on this legislation, spoke right before Governor Carney signed the bill.

Watch for more details and photos to follow.


Click on Vote411 for an informative, current, online guide pertaining to school board elections coming up on May 14.

You can also find general election information and registration and voting in general in the State of Delaware.



Do you believe that the presidential candidate who gets the most votes, nationwide, should win the election and not lose it because of the Electoral College? The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is a way of getting around the unfairness of our current system without actually abolishing it. The U.S. Constitution allows states to apportion their electoral votes as they see fit. States who join the compact agree to give their votes to the candidate who has won the popular vote, nationally. The Compact will only go into effect when enough states join that they represent at least 270 electoral votes.

Senators Bryan Townsend, Harris McDowell and Anthony Delcollo sponsored a National Popular Vote bill (SB 22) in the Delaware Senate. Representative David Bentz was the prime sponsor in the House and numerous other Senators and Representatives were cosponsors. The bill passed the House with all but two Democrats (Bush and Carson) voting no, along with all the Republicans. In the Senate, Republican Senators Anthony DelCollo and Catherine Cloutier joined all the Democrats to vote yes.

The bill has been sign by Governor Carney on March 28, 2019 with attendees from League Day in Dover watching.

Here is our Position Paper with more details.


Go here to see the UPDATED LWV Lobby Handbook that will help you advocate for the issues that concern you.

Membership Uptick!!

The League of Women Voters is experiencing a surge of new blood, new resources, and new energy. But it is the League's "old" values that are attracting new members. Read the profile of our organization in Who What Why.

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Diane Maxwell and Mary Eggars, Public Relations Co-Chairs, LWVDE.

LWVDE Compliance with Delaware Law

Effective Immediately: for Board of Directors' Action to be taken on an issue, electronic votes MUST be unanimous with every board member voting and each person's vote must be recorded and appear in the minutes of the next Board meeting. This will ensure compliance with Delaware law.

League of Women Voters' 99th Year

This year marks the League's 99th year. Click here to read about the history of the LWV!

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