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LWVDE Holiday Luncheon

Our statewide Holiday Luncheon is to be held in the Dover Downs Festival Buffet, Dover Downs Hotel and Casino. $20 all inclusive, excluding alcoholic beverages. Please pay at the League registration table in cash or by check payable to LWVKC. Valet parking is available. RSVP Crystal Hamilton,, 302-270-6568.

LWVDE Compliance with Delaware Law

Effective Immediately: for Action to be taken on an issue, electronic votes MUST be unanimous and each person's vote must be recorded and appear in the minutes of the next Board meeting. This will ensure compliance with Delaware law.

LWVUS Condemns White Supremacists in Charlottesville

Washington, DC - League of Women Voters president Chris Carson issued the following statement following the horrific acts by white supremacists in Virginia this weekend: "Yesterday the world watched in horror as white supremacists gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia. There is no place for hatred and violence in our democracy and all leaders must condemn these acts of domestic terrorism. We must send a strong message that while the freedom of speech and the freedom of assembly are some of our most cherished rights and must be protected, those rights do not extend to what we witnessed yesterday. The League of Women Voters stands in solidarity with the victims of violence in Charlottesville and against white supremacism." Contact: Sarah Courtney | 202-263-1332 | | 8/13/2017

League Day in Dover 2017

League Day in Dover was held on April 4, 2017 at The Duncan Center in Dover.

The program addressed League issues related to poverty, specifically: Education, Health Care, and Housing.

We also commemorated Equal Pay Day, which happened to be April 4. This day is designated annually to reflect how far into the new year women must work to achieve the same amount of pay as men in the previous year. Our primary co-sponsor, the American Association of University Women, arranged the luncheon talk on Equal Pay by retired Senator Karen Peterson.

After lunch with legislators, attendees went to Legislative Hall. There was a press conference on pay equity in Delaware, and the General Assembly adopted a resolution commemorating Equal Pay Day. We gave each legislator a packet with position papers on pending legislative issues.

Make Delaware the Healthiest State

Become part of the movement to make health care better--join the discussion at Community Forums.

Delaware has been selected as one of several states to transform health care--making it better for people at all ages and stages of their lives. Be part of the experience by participating in Community Forums to share your thoughts with a panel of experts.

People with disabilities can request an accommodation or ask questions about accessibility by emailing

Improving the state of health MONDAY, JULY 11 AT 5 p.m. Modern Maturity Center in Dover, 1121 Forrest Avenue

MONDAY, AUGUST 1 AT 7 p.m. Church of the Nazarene in Newark, 357 Paper Mill Road

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 AT 5 p.m. Seaford Volunteer Fire Company in Seaford, King & Cannon Streets

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12 AT 7 p.m. Chase Center on the Wilmington Riverfront, 815 Justison Street

TUESDAY, AUGUST 23 AT 7 p.m. Middletown Memorial Hall in Middletown,27 West Green Street

League of Women Voters' 97th Year

This year marks the League's 97th year. Click "here"<</> to read about the history of the LWV!

What is Your Passion? What do you DO about it?

Some League members achieve satisfaction by addressing their passion through involvement in the LWVDE Advocacy Corps. The Summary Report, which is an update on our work this year, might give you some ideas. You don't even have to read the entire report, but could just look for the topic or topics that interest you.

A few of us are registered lobbyists. But most of us aren't comfortable with that role, so we support the official lobbyists in other ways, by:

  • researching issues,
  • sharing our professional expertise,
  • studying the implications of proposed legislation,
  • drafting letters to the editor, or Op Ed's (Opinion Editorials), or testimony,
  • tracking the status of bills as they work through the legislative process, or
  • observing committee hearings or legislative sessions when the regular lobbyist is unavailable or busy at other hearings.

Some of us started out doing those kinds of things and learned enough about the work of the lobbyists that we found we could do that too! It's exciting to see how accessible our legislators are and to observe them in action + seeing their good work and the not so good work for ourselves. It's exciting, too, to learn how much they (generally) respect the work of the League and consider our views as they decide whether to support of oppose the bills on which they vote.

Whatever our role, we are always inspired by the opportunity to learn more about our state government and work with other AC members who are knowledgeable and anxious to share their enthusiasm and experience with others.

It's also exciting to participate in our monthly meetings where we deliberate on the pros and cons of legislation that affects us, our families and our communities. And, then, feeling a part of the work of the League in advocating for positions developed by LWVDE and LWVUS + to help make our democracy work here in Delaware! If you'd like to learn more about our work, please consider attending a meeting + on the first Wednesday of most months from 9:30 to noon in Dover + and decide for yourself if you'd like to participate in our work. A lot of our work can be done from the comfort of your home, researching and writing about the issues and we'll be happy to mentor you as you learn about our work. For more information, contact the Advocacy Chair.

JOIN Our Social Media Communities!

The League of Women Voters of Delaware has joined the League of Women Voters U.S. and other Leagues around the nation in social media conversations taking place on Facebook and Twitter. These online communities share news from across the state and country. Our Delaware pages features "fast facts" about the league as well as calendar items and photos of League members who are involved in community events.

Our Facebook page was started October 30, 2013 by Sussex League member Janet Orlando. Our Twitter page was started October 23, 2013 by New Castle League member Diane Maxwell. The League of Women Voters U. S. is one of our followers and has already "retweeted" one of our "fast facts" posts!

To join Facebook, simply click on Facebook or go to <>, search for the League of Women Voters of Delaware, and send us a "friend" request. To follow us on Twitter, click on Twitter or go to <>, follow the instructions for joining, and then search for @lwvde and "follow" us!

Diane Maxwell and Mary Eggars, Public Relations Co-Chairs, LWVDE.

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