Making Democracy Work

Member Volunteer Opportunities

The League always needs people, some to head committees, some to be committee members. The hours are determined by you, you can work at home in many of our positions, meetings are minimal, and the pay is exceptional -- it's the knowledge that you are helping to improve your community, your state, your country. These are some of the best jobs being offered anywhere. Please apply ASAP.

The LWVDE Board is looking for chairs for the following positions. If you are interested, contact Co-Presidents Sue Claire Harper or Carol Jones.

Historian: Review old records and destroy or distribute appropriately. (Some of these records may be State Archive material. Some should be retained in League files.) Keep appropriate current records. Are there any retired librarians out there?

Assistant to the Treasurer: This person will support the current treasurer, and act as a backup for the treasurer if necessary. Required skills include knowledge of spreadsheet software and basic accounting principles. There will be a five hour a month time commitment, plus attendance at monthly board meetings. If interested, please contact Treasurer Jill Itzkowitz.

Advocacy Corps: This group monitors all legislation introduced during the annual General Assembly in accordance with League policy and presents testimony in support of or opposition to legislation on which we have a League position. We are looking volunteers for the following positions which offer a great way to get involved in our advocacy work and to learn about Delaware's legislative process. If you are interested, contact Sandy Spence, Advocacy Chair.

Public Relations: Write and/or edit press releases, maintain a record of same, keep our media list updated. Liaison to local Leagues.

Research Assistant: Provide material relevant to legislative bills and League studies via internet search or other means. Attendance at meetings or hearings is optional.

PR/Social Media Assistant: Support Advocacy Corps by turning position papers and testimonies into press releases, op eds, or letters to the editor. Prepare Action Alerts, etc. Expand our presence on social media. Attendance at monthly meetings would be helpful.

If you have skills or interests you'd like to offer to the League that are not listed, feel free to contact us here.