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The Delaware Voter

The League of Women Voters of Delaware publishes a quarterly newsletter, "The Voter," in Adobe Reader (pdf) format. You may download Adobe Reader free by clicking on the image at the bottom of this page.

The Spring 2019 Delaware Voter


  • Biennial Convention Theme: How Our Advocacy Corps Works
    Come join in our decision making

  • The Business of Convention, page 1

    Election of Officers and Directors, Adoption of Proposed Program 2019-2021, Proposed Bylaws Changes and Proposed Budget(s) for 2019-20 and 2020-21

  • Registration Information, RSVP by May 28, pages 1 & 12

  • Report of the Nominating Committee, page 2

  • Proposed Program, page 6

  • Proposed Amendments to Bylaws, page 7

  • Report on League Day in Dover, page 7

  • LWVDE,Summary of Current State Program 2017-2019,page 9

    State Government, Social Policy, Energy/Climate Change, Natural Resources, Coastal Zone, Critical Land Areas, Farmland, Land Use/Transportation


    Contact your senator now to demand a hearing on the For the People Act!!

  • Calendar, page 12

The Winter 2019 Delaware Voter


  • League Day in Dover, pages 1-2
  • Delaware Biennial Convention, June 1, 2019, page 2
  • School Board Elections, now on, page 3
  • LWVDE Action on Public Policy Issues: The Advocacy Corps Report, pages 3-5
  • President's Report, page 6
  • News from Local Leagues
Kent County, page 7
New Castle County, page 7
Sussex County, page 8
  • News from LWVUS, page 9
  • Thank You to our Contributors, page 9
  • Calendar, page 10

The Fall 2018 Delaware Voter


  • Holiday Lunch invitation, page 1
  • Save the Date: League Day in Dover - Legislative Day, page 2
  • ELECTION ROUNDUP, pages 2-5
a) VOTER411 Successes
b) Election Observer Meeting
c) Student Mock Elections
d) Candidate Forums
e) Election Committee
  • President's Message, pages 5-6
a) Sussex County
b) Kent County
c) New Castle County
  • Thank you to Contributors, page 8
  • History of the roles the LWVDE and LWVUS have played in energy & climate change since 2006, pages 9-11
  • News from LWVUS advocacy and litigation, page 11
  • In Memoriam, page 11
  • Calendar, page 12

The Summer 2018 Delaware Voter


  • LWVDE joins DelCOG petition re. LLC investigation, page 1
  • Advocacy Reports, pages 2-8
  • Voting and Elections, pages 2-3
  • Social Policy, pages 3-4
  • Education, pages 4-5
  • Criminal Justice, pages 5-6
  • Health Care, pages 6-7
  • Other Important Issues, pages 7-8
    a. Budget Smoothing (HB 460)
    b. Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
    c. Farmland and Open Space Preservation
  • Advocacy Corps Activity: Preparation for 150th Session
    of the General Assembly, page 8
  • Vote411: Guide not live for primary elections, page 9
  • Report from the Civics Committee, page 10
  • President's Musings on LWVUS 2018 Convention, page 10
  • LWVDE Hosts African Students, page 11
  • Thank Yous to our Contributors and Volunteers, page 11
  • Calendar, page 12

The Spring 2018 Delaware Voter


  • ACTION ALERT (Summary of most important bills LWV is supporting/opposing), pages 1-4
  • League Day in Dover highlights and group picture with Governor Carney, pages 6-7
  • Report from LWV of Delaware Council and President's Report, pages 6-7
  • Vote411 online voters guide on track for July launch, page 8
  • Thank you to our contributors and volunteers, page 9
  • LWVUS Advocacy Update nationwide, page 9
  • LWVUS Action Priorities, page 10
  • Calendar, page 10

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